Bank Cards for Military

Bank Cards for Military

Getting a credit card and searching after good credit are extremely challenging jobs. There are many bank cards which are designed particularly for that armed personnel. Obtaining the nation’s flag design and regular contribution for the Defence Welfare Association would be the legal rights these types of cards proposes to the military.

Highlights of their offers

? Joining charges and annual charges for beginner usually will probably be nil.

? Similarly, joining and annual charges with an add-on member cost nothing.

? Card holders do not have to pay charges for loss/re-issue/substitute of card too for SMS transaction alerts

? Once the card is misplaced or lost, the holder can withdraw cash by cheque – free for your service

? Charges for duplicate statement, charge slip retrieval and balance enquiry are nil.

? Dining Delight option – Minimum 15 percent discount for dining at specific partnered restaurants.


? Complimentary access available to airport terminal terminal lounges

? Desire to add a beloved family member – spouse, children, siblings and siblings, parents? – They need to be above 18 years of age.

? Similar to all bank bank cards, even this card will probably be PIN protected and outfitted by getting an EMV certified nick. Card holders usually stays easy while making a variety of transactions on mobile as well as other devices as there’s less possibility of skimming/counterfeit fraud.

? Reward options may include a vacation to a childrens playground, paragliding trip or going abroad a charter.


? Zero Lost Card Liability – Lost or misplaced the charge card? Afraid it fell on wrong hands? This liability protects the holder when losing card is reported for the customer care. However, stipulations apply.

Eligibility Criteria

To get qualified of those cards, the charge card holder needs to be

? Defence Personnel

? The primary card holder needs to be between 18 and 70 years of age

? Add-on card holder should have achieved age 18 years

Prepaid cards include multiple reward points which can be acquired by getting involved in community competitions. Accumulation more than 1000 points produces a voucher getting price of $50. A card holder will get discounts in multiplexes simply by showing proof of the discount voucher.