Biography of Sergey Sholom: what should we know about this man?

Biography of Sergey Sholom: what should we know about this man?

If you are passionate gamer or you are interested in tokens you’d probably hear the name of Sergey Sholom, a former CEO of GameCredits and the leader of GNation.

This person is worthy to talk about because he plays a key role in one of the most promising projects of nowadays.

Besides this man has an interesting biography and it’s rather enlightening to learn his way to success.

Junior years

The date of starting his biography was February, the 10th, 1978.

In the family of Marina and Anatoly there was a growing – the twins Sergey and Maxim were born.

These boys occurred to be all-round intelligently developed. For example, Sergey was very good at mathematics but also played soccer and hockey. Being a teenager most of all he was fond of playing video games.

Due to improved math skills Sergey kept on studying at advanced school. Then he entered the University of Technology to get engineering and management degrees.

While continuing his studying he was developing as a gamer. Together with brother and some friends he founded the team of gamers which was called DataForce. They happened to be a very good and even professional team winning some Quake tournaments and achieving top positions in the ranking of Russian gamers.

At the same time Sergey participated in organization of one of the first eSports tournaments in Moscow.

The foundation of Datcroft Games

He founded his own company Datcroft when he was 26. It was local in the beginning but could expand rapidly and became famous far beyond Russia.

In the portfolio of this developer there are many different games.

More than 15 million gamers all over the world are using the products of Datcroft.

CEO in GameCredits

Since 2017 Sergey has been working as CEO specialist in GameCredits.

It’s the place where he started developing frictionless payment systems and the cryptocurrency related to the games.

The team added specialists with experience in blockchain technologies. The company entered a new era opening never-known-before opportunities for all the gamers and game producers.

The creation of GNation

In 2018 Sergey proclaimed the creation of GNation.

He regards this project not just as a company but as a community of gamers. There are 2.4 billion people who love gaming in the world. GNation is the project for each of these ones.

The message is to make gaming get money for players and lead them to success.

  • Game as a unifying factor.
  • Game as a common language we can speak even knowing not languages of each other.

So the popularity of Sergey Sholom’s name is not surprising. The ideas this man and his team are implementing occur to be advanced, humane and interesting. The work they have done and are going to do deserves respect.

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