Technical Development of Blockchain Assisted by BCI Foundation of Singapore

Technical Development of Blockchain Assisted by BCI Foundation of Singapore

At present, blockchain technology and digital currency are still in the rapid development of the initial stage and the future development space is huge. The allocation of digital currency assets will become an indispensable part of the future asset allocation. Digital assets will become one of the most important channels for the asset value appreciation of institutions and individuals in the next 10 years. The major investment institutions will seize the dividend of the technological revolution in the blockchain!

The BCI Foundation, formerly known as Singapore’s Zhongying Foundation, focuses on the stock market, foreign exchange, gold, real estate and other derivatives investments, and has more than a decade of experience in investing in the stock market. 2017 is known as the first year of the application of blockchain technology. As a new generation of subversive applications, blockchain technology has become the hottest topic.

The Singapore BCI Foundation focuses only on digital assets investment, pay attention to the development of blockchain technology, industry information, regulatory and policy trends, and focus on investing in blockchain projects. Since entering the blockchian market, we have a comprehensive understanding of most of the tokens information and team to form a set of their own investment strategy. A reasonable investment strategy can respond to any market situation, thereby achieving stable returns.

The BCI Foundation of Singapore is a voluntary organization established by pioneer evangelists in the field of blockchain and venture capital organizations in the technical field, to make a great contribution to blockchain knowledge popularization and technological innovation in blockchain. The BCI Foundation focuses on investment in the field of blockchain. And for the project to provide P-P investment banking services.

According to statistics , the BCI Foundation of Singapore has more than $2 billion in assets under management since its 2017 returns exceeded $2, 000. The BCI Foundation employs has more than 5000 employees worldwide, with more thanĀ  50% of its technical staff, 20% of its management staff, and the rest with products, operations and other stuff. CEO kevin, the team will focus on adding three categories of talent in 2019 : financial talent, technical talent, blockchain senior research experts. Through the professional team to judge, adhere to the breakthrough innovative value investment principle, to promote the blockchain technology in the Asia Pacific region and the global industrialization development.

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