What is the best self assessment software that accountants can use?

What is the best self assessment software that accountants can use?

As an accountant you are going to come across many different clients that require a service to help them with their self assessments.

To stand out from the crowd and become the number one choice for others when it comes to using your services you need the best software you can get to make your job easier.

There are lots and lots of different software packages out there that you can purchase, and these can be found with a quick online search.  What you need though is something that can offer you absolutely everything that you need in one go.

When you are looking for a self assessment software package that can give you everything, you need to make sure that it has some of, if not all of the following:

  • A user friendly interface
  • An affordable licence
  • HMRC guidance notes
  • Validation tool that allows you to make sure things are right before you submit them
  • A task reminder, so that if you do forget something it shows up to remind you
  • A tool to generate easy to read, and easy to understand reports
  • A built in capital allowance calculator
  • Supplementary pages (Ministers of Religion, Lloyds Underwriters, etc.)

One software provider that can offer you all of this and even more is BTC Software.

BTC Software has been around for 20 years and enjoys a positive, growing reputation within the accounting circle.  The company aim to provide software that make an accountant’s job simpler to then reduce the time taken on a task, which in turn can lead to their practices becoming more productive and more profitable.  After all, who wouldn’t want that?

BTC’s software packages are known in the industry for having great value for money, robust and reliable products, and have products that can seamlessly integrate with a number of different software products that customers might be using.  On top of that, the company offer a great level of support to allow you to feel comfortable in knowing what you are doing, they keep low prices and limit any price increases to a maximum of 5% per year, and a big thing is that they don’t offer ‘ladder’ pricing, which if they did would effectively penalise you for being good as it works out through that method that you pay more the more successful you are.

So if you’re an accountant and you need a software package that will allow you to complete self assessments in a profession yet quick manner, BTC Software should be your go to company, all the time.  Get in touch with them today and improve the productivity and profitability of your business sooner than you ever imagined.

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