What to Look for In Good Insurance Agents

What to Look for In Good Insurance Agents

If you are looking for an insurance agent many of them are listed on Kakeibo in Ontario, Canada.  While searching for insurance agents, there are a few qualities that you should be looking for.

Skills with people

Puts the client’s needs first

A good insurance agent is a person who is not only looking for a new client’s commission.  Regardless of the needs of the client, this type agent will not be long in this field.  Agents must listen carefully to their clients as well as prospects to earn their trust, which is possibly the hardest part of this career.  These are the agents who are more than willing to put clients into a product that doesn’t pay much of a commission because it best fits the need for their client.

Great customer service

Great customer service will keep clients with you year after year because they love your service.  This includes things such as a quick response to questions and phone calls are important. A major complaint from those who buy any insurance policies is that there is never anyone around to answer questions on their policy.

Emotional intelligence  

This includes listen and empathizing with clients on a deeper level and better distinguishes what they really need or want. A good insurance agent is extremely discreet and knows exactlyhow tohelp a client see financial truth clearly, even when the client is really against it.

These good people skills are what bring a client back to the same agent and insurance company year after year.  They will even pay more to get that great level of service.  Think about other businesses you use repeatedly for example your primary care physician – usually it is because of his or her good customer service and able to listen to you.

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